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Sync Any Google Calendar to iPhone

Google Sync

     I have a Google e-mail account at Gmail.  I've had it for some time and since I first created it, Google has added to its services.  I have taken advantage of having an account with Google to access some of its other services such as the Google Calendar.  Google eventually came out with Google Sync for mobile platforms using the Microsoft ActiveSync technology.  This new service allows for push e-mail, synchronized contacts, and synchronized calendars.

     Whenever starting a new account with Google Calendars, it automatically creates a default calendar and then you can add as many additional calendars as desired.  I have created multiple calendars for different things and wanted to sync them with my iPhone.  However, when I set up Google Sync, it would only sync my default calendar (the one first created when using Google Calendar).  I wanted to be able to have all of my calendars available on my phone.

     So after searching, I found that I had to select which calendars I wanted to synchronize through an account settings using the phone's mobile browser.  Using the following link in my iPhone's safari browser, I logged in and was able to select which calendars will sync to my phone.  The only problem with it was that I had to use my iPhone's browser to access this page.  Using a browser on a PC will bring up a different page and not allow access to those settings.

Google's Mobile Sync link: