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Windows 8 Doesn't Like My Game (Spiral Knights)?

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     I like to play games on my computer every so often and in particular I like to play one called, Spiral Knights.  Well, since Microsoft was doing a promotional upgrade of $39.99 to Windows 8 Pro, I decided to go ahead and install it on my laptop and desktop.  I then tried to install and run Spiral Knights and found that it gave me an error and wouldn't run.

     Figuring that it was a Windows 8 issue, I decided to do some looking online to see what other people had found out.  It turned out that I found the source of the problem right on Spiral Knight's website and it said that it was due to the Windows 8 drivers for certain graphic cards not being compatible with the game:
Most current computers should be able to upgrade to Windows 8 and still play Spiral Knights properly. However, up to date graphics drivers are required since the Windows default driver cannot run Spiral Knights in most cases.

     So I checked to see which company created my graphics cards and found that Intel created both for my desktop and laptop.  So I figured I would install the latest drivers for my computers and did so.  However, to my disappointment, the game still would not run and still showed the same error.  So I gave up for a time.

     Well, just a few days ago, I decided to see if there were any updates to the Windows 8 graphic issues or if there were any new workarounds.  I did some searching and found that the website still said the same thing.  So I did some more searching to see if anyone was able to get it working anyway and someone wrote that they installed the Windows 7 drivers for their graphics card.  The display looked fine in Windows 8 with the Windows 7 drivers and the game worked.  So I figured I would give it a try.  Since my desktop is a 64-bit machine, I made sure I downloaded the 64-bit graphic drivers for Windows 7.  I wanted to try it on my desktop first before causing problems unnecessarily on my laptop.  I installed the drivers and let it restart my computer.

     When the computer came back on with the Windows 7 drivers, I couldn't tell a difference.  It looked the same to me.  So I tried running the game.  Initially, it looked like it wasn't doing anything (no window opened up) but I could tell that it was running in the background and no error popped up yet so I was hopeful.  Sure enough, the game opened right up!  I was excited to see that I could play my game again!  So I decided to try installing the Windows 7 driver on my laptop and after doing so and installing the game, it worked too.

     So, if you have a game or program that won't run on Windows 8 due to a graphics issue (probably OpenGL), try installing the Windows 7 drivers and see if that fixes your problem like it did mine.