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Only One Page Prints from Website?


     Let's see... click the print button and... WHAT?  Only one page?  I've recently had an issue with a page on a website that would only print one page when there was obviously more than one page of content available.  It had been an ongoing problem for almost a year and I had tried to solve it several time with no success... until recently.

     With Google being my favorite place to go to search for possible solution to problems that I run into, I have been searching with different keywords to try to find another solution (I've tried several) that would solve my issue of IE (Internet Explorer) only printing the first page from a particular page on a website.  This particular page has a CSS file associated with it and many of the "solutions" I've found were CSS changes.  The way it's set up is that it has a media selector for the screen and for print.  Inside the print media selector, I've changed the CSS overflow property from none to visible, added a min-height of 100%, and changed the position from absolute to static.  I even made sure the character set was being sent properly as part of the header.  However, none of these changes fixed my problem.

     While searching, I saw a link to a page that dealt with a Firefox bug that would only print one page.  But I ignored it because I wasn't dealing with Firefox.  However, later I saw it again and decided that perhaps there might be something I could take away from any solution presented that might fix my problem.  In the article, it talked about some ways to get around the problem by setting the CSS properties to certain values and on of those was to remove the height property of the body if it is set to 100%.

     I looked at the CSS that I had and both the html and body selectors were set to a height of 100%.  So I moved those settings into the screen media selector and then tested the page with IE and it printed all of the pages!  After testing it a couple more times, I was convinced that it resolved my issue.

     So if you have an issue with a browser printing only one page, try making sure you don't have the html and/or body selectors set at a height of 100%.  Also, the link to the article that helped solve my problem is as follows: